Conspiracies of intercepted illusions of your adhoc hallucinations, bound by twists in mist of your secret confessions. Knocking and pounding on your front porch with chaos of trouble, just for you to sabotage your conscious. All played by your own elegance as if you are a Mime in a Thunderstorm.

Vocal Thunders

Standing awfully amazed in the maze of life, holding every inch of those vocal thunders inside. Trapped in between those blooms and falls, mumbling what should be howled.All the thoughts being stripped and scratched leaving hollowest voids.
But in the end you realize that you being bothered again and again by the hefty storms is just another call for you, destined for a scream just to be seen!
Scream, howl, roar, stomp .. Let it all out


At instance, time seems to be contagious and divided into warmth and cold. Stuck and bruised by the seconds of a certain age.
As For the hinge of tangled thoughts unfolds around the only soul, stumbling upon the statue of predefined life.
Giving you the verdict to ensure all the pieces to fit again, perfectly!
All of the sudden time passes and this is when life resumes.
Let time pause and pass, meanwhile let tangled things unfold

Early Rythems

To be solely fuelled by a single cluster of seconds. One moment in your entire life. And every time you close your eyes, you relive that moment. And every time you open them, you find only the briefest peace before you realize that, that nightmare is real.

Dusky Slums

When the Symphony of silence in those dark pale moments slides into the visible horizon, and the dusky shallowness of whispers enlightens the darkness, all of the sudden the smallest world seems infinitely greater, quieter & of course Beautiful.