Niflads bring you the coolest gadget for your personal workspace. This nifty little hover clock packs a full fledged android OS and an app for your smartphone to customize it to your choice. Customize your nifty clock the way you want it. With a full fledge android OS, install your favourite applications and get instant notifications. Choose from different templates to skin your nifty clock. With the latest levitate technology, feel the future on your desk. And don’t forget to download the mobile app to control your gadget to enjoy its potential to its fullest.


Packaging for Nifty Clock was designed, keeping in mind the ease for user to access the product for first time and feel welcoming by the product. Also designing most compact packaging and internal casing was one of the main design points we had in mind. 

Inner housing was divided in two compartments vertically to allow the base of the clock and charger to sit in without occupying extra space and to keep the box as compact as possible.